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Weekly Maintenance


Properly maintaining your pool can be quite the demanding experience in our harsh desert climate, Let us make that easy for you. 

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Filter Cleaning


Most manufacturers will recommend to clean your cartridge and D.E. filters every 6 months (Sand changes every 3-5yrs)

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Pool Draining


For a safe & healthy swim environment and to help extend the life of your pools finish it is imperative to drain or recycle your water when contaminents exceed recommended levels.

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Plumbing Repairs


We take pride when we plumb and can help you with all your plumbing needs from small jobs to replumbinng all your equipment from the ground up. 

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Equiptment Repairs


We can diagnose, repair, replace, and maintain all common makes and models of swimming pool manufacturer's equipment.  Service calls start at $95 for the first hour (additional $25 for heater or automation trouble shooting)

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Acid Washing


The process of acid-washing your pool removes unsightly stains to restore your finishes original beauty  It is important to leave this task to the proffessionals for your safety and for the best asthetic results. 

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Pool Maintenance

Full Weekly Service

Routine maintenance for swimming pools and spas in the valley can be a demanding experience in our harsh desert environment. Regular attention to the operation and chemical balance of your pool is critical in maintaining a swim environment that is healthy and safe for your family and friends. Limited understanding of how your pool works can lead to dangerous circumstances and discouraging repairs.  We hope to help enhance the fun and relaxation that your pool is intended to provide for you and your family. Our Weekly Full Service Pool Care can do just that!

Starting at just $25 per weekly visit/$100.00 a month for a play pool up to 12k gallons with basic chemicals* and the following included.

  •  Vacuuming the pool when necessary
  •  Brushing the walls, stairs, benches, tile line, etc.
  •  Skimming/detailing the surface of the pool 
  •  Emptying baskets 
  •  Backwashing you filter
  •  Equipment monitoring and adjustments
  •  Chemical treatment and balance 

 Diving pools start at just $30 per weekly visit /$120.00 a month for up to 20k gallons

And if any of the following apply's to your pool add an additional... 

  •  $2.50 per weekly visit for an attached spa. 
  •  $10 per weekly visit for a separate inground spa.  
  •  $2.50-$10 per weekly visit for excessive trees/shrubs in the pools/spas environment.
  •  $2.50 per weekly visit for Rentals or For Sale Property pools.
  •  $2.50 per weekly visit for each additional 5k gallons.

*Although we will include your basic chemicals in our maintenance plan there will be additional charges for any shock, phosphate remover, algae preventatives, salt, and/or any other supplemental additive to your water. 

Visit our discount page to see how you can receive $5.00 OFF every month and allow our friendly certified technicians to start properly maintaining your pool or spa today.


Filter Cleaning Services

Understanding Filtration

          Good water clarity is the result of proper filtration, circulation, and water chemistry. Proper filtration is important because it removes contaminants that can promote the growth of bacteria and algae. Filters also remove particles that can make the water cloudy.  Failure to service the filter and remove suspended matter can result in unhealthy and unsafe water as well as increase chemical consumption. Pressure on a dirty filter will also increase and in return reduce the amount of circulation and suction needed to keep your pool clean and clear.  

         How frequently your filter needs to be dismantled, inspected, and cleaned is dependent upon several factors, including

 • The size of your pool filter 

 • The type of pool filter you have 

 • The landscaping in the pools environment 

 • Bather and contaminant loads  

          We recommend for most pools complete filter dis-assembly and cleaning every 6 months. For the pools we proudly service on our weekly maintenance program that have a DE or Cartridge filter, we will routinely clean them every Spring (April) to ensure maximum effectiveness for the swim season and every Fall (October) to remove contaminants and particles from dust storms, swimmers, and foliage.  


Filter Service Price List

**Our staff is well-versed and well trained on pool filter cleaning. We can come out one time, once a year, or every six months as RECOMMENDEd


Additional Information


While your pool is drained an acid wash can help restore the look of your interior finish. We can perform professional acid washing that will generally remove superficial stains caused from metals in the water, fine scale deposits and various colored deposits that can form on the finish and products of your pool. The process dissolves most stains and will therefore generally restore 75% to 90% of the surfaces brightness and color consistency. An acid wash may not remove heavy deposits or stains that have penetrated through many layers of the surface and should be done with moderation through-out the life of the pools surface.

Because of hazardous chemical use to perform the service, acid washing a pool should be done only by a licensed professional. Our staff has years of experience with pool acid washing. So when your pool needs an acid wash, put our experience to work for you!

Call for your free estimate today and get your pool looking its best! Also ask about our Tile Cleaning service to help remove calcium build up on your pool water line before your pool is drained.


Equipment and Plumbing Repairs

Additional Information

Is your pool equipment in need of repair or replacement? Our friendly technicians take continuous yearly manufacturer training so we can provide you with the most current up to date technology solutions and equipment.

We can diagnose, repair, replace and maintain all common makes & models of swimming pool manufacture’s equipment. Service calls start at $95 for the 1st hour (additional $25.00 for heater or automation trouble shooting)

  • Filters (And cleanings such as sand changes, cartridge cleans, D.E. teardowns)
  • Pumps (Including variable speed)
  • Motors (New and re-built)
  • Automation/Time Clocks
  • Heaters
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Pool/Spa lights (Including LED lights)
  • Pop up/in-floor cleaning systems
  • Spa jets/blowers
  • Salt system installations and replacement

Give us a call today and allow one of our professional technicians to advise and educate you on your pool problem or equipment replacement.


Pool Draining services

Draining Your Pool

Because of Arizona’s intense weather conditions that increase the evaporation of fresh water in your pool it then results in leaving behind contaminents and by-products of chemicals that will eventually adhere to your pools finish and cause an unhealthy swimming environment. We recommend to have your pool water drained or recycled when certain chemicals exceed appropriate ranges. This can help extend the life of your pool or spas interior finish and ensure safe healthy water.

  •  Depenedant on the size of your pool where typically recommending draining or recycling your pool water every 2 to 5 yrs on average here in Arizona. 
  • Your type of interior finish such as plaster or pebble will dictate the appropriate temperature range recommended for your pool drain.
  •  It is not recommended to leave your pool empty for long periods of time . You'd risk causing expensive damage to your swimming pool. The floor, benches, stairs, coping of the pool can crack due to the heat and lack of moisture. 
  • The water hear in Arizona is some of the hardest in the country, and you will see evidence of the build up beginning on your decorative pool tile. Your pool needs to be drained periodically in order to get rid of the calcium and hard water build up amongst other contaminents. 
  • Pricing for a pool drain generally runs $150 which includes chemically treating the fresh water when refilled (**Supplimental chemicals such as Salt, Calcium Increaser, borax, ETc.tc.  will incure an additional charge for the product requested)