Pool Filter Cleaning

Good water clarity is the result of proper filtration, circulation, and water chemistry. Proper filtration is important because it removes contaminants that can promote the growth of bacteria and algae. Filters also remove particles that can make the water cloudy.

Failure to service the filter and remove suspended matter can result in unhealthy and unsafe water as well as increase chemical consumption. Pressure on a dirty filter will also increase and in return reduce the amount of circulation and suction needed to keep your pool clean and clear.

How frequently your filter needs to be dismantled, inspected, and cleaned is dependent upon several factors, including

  •  the size of your pool filter
  • the type of pool filter you have
  • the landscaping in the pools environment
  • bather and contaminant loads

Most manufactures recommend a minimum of twice a year (every 6 months) complete filter dis-assembly and cleaning. For the pools we proudly service on our weekly maintenance program that have a DE or Cartridge filter, we will routinely clean them every Spring (April) to ensure maximum effectiveness for the swim season and every Fall (October) to remove contaminants and particles from dust storms, swimmers, and foliage.

Our staff is well-versed and well trained on pool filter cleaning. We can come out one time, once a year, or every six months as needed.

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