Acid Washing

Because of Arizona’s intense weather conditions that increase the demand for chlorine which contains Cynaric Acid, along with other potentially hazardous chemicals, we recommend to have your pool drained and refilled with fresh water every 3 years to help reduce those unhealthy levels of chemicals that cannot otherwise be removed without replacing your water.

At this time while your pool is drained, we can perform professional acid washing that will generally remove superficial stains caused from metals in the water, fine scale deposits and various colored deposits that can form on the plaster or pebble techs surface of your pool. The process strips off, or dissolves, a very thin layer of plaster/pebble tech, and will therefore generally restore 75 to 85% of the surfaces brightness and color consistency. An acid wash will not remove heavy deposits or stains that have penetrated through many layers of the surface and should be done with moderation through-out the life of the pools surface.

Because of hazardous chemical use to perform the service, acid washing a pool should be done only by a licensed professional. Our staff has years of experience with pool acid washing. So when your pool needs an acid wash, put our experience to work for you!

Call for your free estimate today and get your pool looking its best! Also check out our Tile Cleaning service to help remove calcium build up on your pool water line while your pool is drained.

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